deleted text messages recovery desire hd

Hey folks My desire HD wiped ALL my texts, including drafts, for no reason. The delete old messages wad unchecked How do I recover them? Hope someone can help me, had a lot of important stuff. Gary

HTC Desire 12 Jun 2011 2 Answers

Hoot 1.x

Anyone know how to root desire cdma with hboot 1.x? Sent from my PB99400 using XDA App

HTC Desire 12 Jun 2011 2 Answers

Dangerous Temp

What is a dangerous temperature for the HTC Desire to reach? Sent from my PB99400 using XDA App

HTC Desire 13 Jun 2011 2 Answers

Am I root?

Hello everyone. First of all, sorry if this post is not in the right forum. My problem is that I rooted my HTC Desire a few months ago using unrevoked3, or at least I think so. I know I tried to do...

HTC Desire 13 Jun 2011 2 Answers

Desire over Galaxy S?

I am in a tricky situation here. I need to choose between Desire (not HD) and Galaxy S. I also considered Iphone 4, but because of much problems, i rather dont. Is the battery life of Desire Poor? (i...

HTC Desire 13 Jun 2011 6 Answers

Xperia ROM, anyone?

Hi all, On Oxygen 2.1.2, I tried to make my Desire into an Xperia Arc, by pushing the files, framework etc. to the respective places. I have got Arc Launcher and Timescape widgets to work on it....

HTC Desire 13 Jun 2011 10 Answers

Calender events can't be edited anymore!!!

hi,i've got two android devices (HTC Desire and ACer A500) and i've noticed that the calender events (especially the ones already synced to the account before this bizzare issue) on my google account...

HTC Desire 13 Jun 2011 7 Answers

Buttons less sensitive

I've had mine for around 6 months, and the buttons on the bottom front dem to ne losing sensitivity now all of a sudden? It's in good condition, never dropped or anything. Anyone have the same...

HTC Desire 13 Jun 2011 11 Answers

Phone shuts down after 100% charge.

Dear forum, My girlfriends Desire (Rooted, S-OFF, latest LeeDroid ROM) keeps shutting itself off everytime it charges up to 100% battery. If charged below 100% the problem does not occur. She had the...

HTC Desire 13 Jun 2011 4 Answers

Noticeable 2.3 Changes

Will their be any noticeable changes in Android 2.3 for the Desire if HTC doesn't update the version of sense? Sent from my PB99400 using XDA App

HTC Desire 14 Jun 2011 5 Answers

Froyo wifi problem with hidden SSID

Hi All, Im having some problems connecting from my Desire to a wireless access point with a hidden SSID and WPA2-PSK encryption. I can add the network but it always shows as "out of range", even when...

HTC Desire 14 Jun 2011 11 Answers

Odd charging issue

Hey there, I'm not sure if this has been addressed before but has anyone experienced this when they plug in and out their charger? Basically, when I plug the USB cable into the phone to a source,...

HTC Desire 14 Jun 2011 3 Answers

Really confused :S

Hey, After the news that HTC ain't gonna update to gingerbread, I've made the decision to root my phone. But I'm really confused what to do. What method do I use? Can anyone give a link to the method...

HTC Desire 14 Jun 2011 8 Answers

home button not working anymore

When I m eg in the Market or running Internet and press the Home Button I don t return to the home screen anymore. I must have changed something but don t now what.....

HTC Desire 14 Jun 2011 7 Answers

USCC HTC Desire 2.3?

Now that USCC and HTC have released froyo for the Desire, when will Gingerbread be released? Or can it on the Desire? Would it be a hardware incompatibility? Anyone have any inside info? Since it...

HTC Desire 14 Jun 2011 8 Answers

Q:Fastest custom rom?

fastest desire custom rom? i need something fast:) for reading docs and power point presentations?

HTC Desire 14 Jun 2011 14 Answers

Best Custom ROM's?

Hey people! I'm planning on rooting and installing a new custom ROM to my Desire and I was just wondering which were the best? Can you recommend any decent ROM's, preferably highly customizable ones?...

HTC Desire 14 Jun 2011 4 Answers


Hi, I've been using swiftkey as my default keyboard now for many months, however over the couple of months I've noticed that it keeps resetting the default back to the android keyboard. This is now...

HTC Desire 14 Jun 2011 7 Answers

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